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Housing, Modernism

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November 5th 1922, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Selected Architecture

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Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Marta Ivanšek
Edvard Ravnikar

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  • 1966 - Award of the City of Ljubljana
  • 1973 - Plečnik Award
  • 1986 - IKEA Award (København)
  • 1987 - Plečnik Medal

France Ivanšek Change this

Change thisLjubljana, Slovenia
born 1922, Ljubljana
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France Ivanšek was a Slovenian architect and editor. After graduating at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana (1954), he did his advanced studies in Sweden (1954-1960). His role models are related to Scandinavia, Sweden, where he lived for a while.

His most important architectural work is the neighborhood Murgle in Ljubljana with his wife Marta Ivanšek. Besides is also recognizable the Elderly Home Kolezija (1976-82). His biography include among others books Contemporary House Design (1962), Buildings and Furniture for Elderly (1971), Single Family House (1988) and Hommage à Edvard Ravnikar (1995).

France Ivanšek was the founder of the Society of Architects of Slovenia (1950), a co-funder and editor-in-chief of the Arhitekt (1951-62), the founder and leader for housing research at the Urban Planning Institute (1959-62), founder of the Biennial of Industrial Design BIO (Biennial of Industrial Design, 1964), founder of the office Ambient (1963-79) and founder of Plečnik's Fund (1972).


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