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Critical Urbanism, Research, Future Architecture Platform, Forty-five-degrees North, Radical Rituals, Collective Space, Urban Design, Architecture


November 2019, Berlin, Germany

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forty-five degrees
Leipziger Str. 63
10117 Berlin, Germany


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May 13th, 2021

forty-five degrees Change this

Change thisBerlin, Germany
est. 2019, Berlin
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About Change this

forty-five degrees is an open collective of architects and designers dedicated to the research and critical making of collective space.

forty-five degrees teams take different forms when engaging in collaborations with other experts, adapting to the project’s scope. In our practice, space-making is about resources, not only material or financial but the intangible resources of human and non-human knowledge.

Our work aims at investigating the built environment through research, design and artistic experimentation, across multiple scales and in its social, economical and structural entanglements. We are interested in collecting protocols and collective approaches, exploring alternative living and city making models and new paradigms of urban development to engage with communities and local agents.

We strive to create inclusive and accessible spaces through careful use of scale, material and design language and our commitment to rethinking education through academia and practice placing design at the intersection of arts and sciences.

Through our backgrounds we have been participating in competitions, educational workshops and community projects around the globe, such as in Ethiopia, Brazil, Argentina.


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