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Experimental, Collective, Urban Strategies


2002, Vienna, Austria

Selected Architecture

Practice / Active in Change this

Josefstädter Straße 74
1080 Vienna, Austria

Awards Change this

  • 2002 - National Award for Experimental Tendencies
  • 2003 - Karl Hofer Award
  • 2004 - European Prize for Urban Public Space
  • 2007 - Chicago Athenaeum International Architecture Award
  • 2009 - AR Award for Emerging Architecture
  • 2011 - South Tyrol Architecture Award in the category Public and Housing
  • 2011 - green building award
  • 2011 - Styrian Timber Building Award
  • 2013 - State Award for Architecture and Sustainability
  • 2015 - South Tyrol Architecture Award in the category Housing
  • 2017 - Rassegna Architettura Arco Alpino 2016

feld72 Change this

Change thisVienna, Austria
est. 2002, Vienna


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About Change this

The work of feld72 pivots on the interface of architecture, applied urbanism and art. feld72 has implemented numerous projects of various dimensions in the national and international context, a huge range including master plans, buildings, studies on urban development, interior and exhibition design, urban strategies and large-scale interventions in the urban environment. The multiple award-winning works are remarkable for a socially responsible, innovative and sustainable approach to architecture and urbanism. Tracking down and reinforcing the potential in locations and (social) environments is a fundamental element of feld72 projects.

Expanding the field of architecture within the context of the self-initiated project series “Urban Strategies”, the collective has been engaged ever since the office was founded in 2002 in Vienna in tackling the issues of the use and perception of the public space. Through numerous teaching assignments at universities the approach and methodology of feld72 have been integrated into the academic discourse.

»… there is no break between the theoretical and experimental projects of feld72 and their designs for buildings: all of their work, irrespective of scale or means, investigates how the world is engaged and perceived through the lens of architecture. And there is an architectural lesson we can draw from this work, namely that the essence of architecture is nothing architectural.« – Kari Jormakka

Work and Teaching

A selection of projects are New Corporate Headquarters of the Austrian Post AG in Vienna (2013-), Kindergarten Valdaora di Sotto (2016), Quartier am Spielbudenplatz in St.Pauli/Hamburg (2016-), The Eppan Housing Complex (2015) and Niederösterreichhaus Krems NHK (2011).

They presented their work in many exhibition incluing MAXXI Museum (2011), 54th Art Biennale Venice - Padiglione Italia nel mondo (2011), Architekturzentrum Wien (2011), 12. Architectural Biennial of Venice, Austrian Pavilion (2010), Shenzhen – Hong Kong Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism (2009), 11th Architectural Biennial of Venice – Italian Pavilion (2008), 7th International Architecture Biennial São Paulo, Austrian contribution (2007), WONDERLAND touring exhibition crossing Europe (2004-06), 9th. Architectural Biennial of Venice, Installation in front of the Austrian Pavilion (2004).

Since 2003 they teach at TU Wien (Institute for housing, Institute of building theory and design and Institute for urban planning) as well as at University of the Arts Linz.


  • Architect's Web
  • Kari Jormakka: Theory and design in the Fourth Machine Age. On the experimental projects by feld72,published by Springer WienNewYork 2007


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