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White Architecture, Wall

Birth date / place

1955, Lisbon, Portugal

Selected Architecture

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Federico Valssasina Arquitectos
Calçadinha do tijolo, Nº 58 Porta 13
1100-608 Lisbon, Portugal

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Aires Mateus Architects
Ricardo Oliveira Alves

Awards Change this

  • 2003 - Honorable Mention of the Valmor Award regarding the Alcântara Rio project.
  • 2004 - Valmor Award for the Art’s Business and the Hotel Centre at the Parque das Nações
  • 2007 - INH/IHRU National Prize

Federico Valssasina Change this

Change thisLisbon, Portugal
born 1955, Lisbon
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About Change this

Frederico Valsassina graduated from the Fine Arts School of Lisbon in 1979 and created his atelier in 1986. In 2005, he was a guest lecturer at the Architecture Competition that ran at the Campinas University – Brazil. Amongst other works, he is author of the R.T.P./R.D.P. Studios, the Campus Building of the Logoplaste (Alcatel-Lucent), recuperates the Porto Côvo Palace and designs the Lusitânia Insurance Company’s Contemporary Art Museum. In Mozambique he is the author of Banco Unico’s Headquarters and the Olympic Swimming Pool for the Pan-African 2011 games. In partnership with Manuel Aires Mateus developed the project for the recuperation of the Monica’s Convent and the Roof of the Alcântara Etar. In 2012, in partnership with Ricardo Bak Gordon and João Ferreira Nunes, wins the project of Maputo Waterfront.



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