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Space Installation, Methodology, Spaces And Materials


2012, Porto, Portugal

Selected Architecture

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Porto, Portugal

Awards Change this

  • 2012 - 1st PRIZE REFLEXO*OXELFER, Manobras no Porto, Installation, Arcos de Miragaia
  • 2013 - BRONZE MEDAL S. JOÃO STRUCTURE, a’design awards, category A’ Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design
  • 2013 - SILVER MEDAL HAIRCHITECTURE, a’design awards, A’ Performing Arts category, Style and Scenery Design Award
  • 2014 - ONE OF THE 10 FINALISTS, Prémio Nacional das Indústrias Criativas, by Unicer
  • 2014 - HONORABLE MENTION, Art Competion, “VIArtes”, Via Catarina, Porto
  • 2014 - HONORABLE MENTION, best creative industry pitch, Startup Pitch Day, UPTEC
  • 2015 - WINNER, Playground for children at Gaia Shopping, invited competition, by SonaeSierra
  • 2015 - UNIVERSAL DESIGN AWARD at TAIPEI International Design Award, with the project S. JOÃO STRUCTURE
  • 2015 - THIRD PLACE at HAPPY LED LIFE design competition by Gwangju International Design Biennale, with PORTO LIGHT EXPERIENCE
  • 2016 - WINNER, Competition for a permanent art installation by the National Exhibition Centre, Taipei, Taiwan, curatorship by ARTFIELD, with the project NAPPE
  • 2017 - WINNER, Iberian Award of Best Service Provider, Iberian Festival Awards, with the project STIMULUS'16
  • 2017 - ONE OF THE 5 FINALIST, Kaohsiung 81 Gas Explosion Memorial, Taiwan
  • 2017 - ELECTED FOR THE GARDEN PAVILION AT SERRALVES, 32ª Bienal de São Paulo, Incerteza Viva, hosting 'Estás vendo coisas', Bárbara Wagner & Benjamin de Burca, Fundação de Serralves, Porto

FAHR 021.3 Change this

Change thisPorto, Portugal
est. 2012, Porto
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About Change this

FAHR 021.3 arhitects
FAHR 021.3 is a collaborative practice that focuses its work between the disciplines of art and architecture. Arhitecture as a branch of art and action in space, so they developed their work based on the architectural language and methodology , while always incorporation seemingly implausible spaces and materials, resulting a surreal view. Deriving from the German word Erfahrung (experience), FAHR 021.3 stands up as a lab studio developing conceptual strategies on the brink of unexpected, contradiction, and decontextualisation. It was founded by Filipa Frois Almeida and Hugo Reis in 2012 in Porto.

Team members:
Filipa Frois Almeida, arch. and photographer (co-founder)
Hugo Reis, m.arch. (co-founder)
Sérgio Marafona, m. arch.
Catarina Azevedo, m. arch.
Lena Breitenborn, intern

team since 2012
Henry Ko, intern
Simon Kassner, m.arch. Berlin
João Castelo Branco, m.arch.
Maria João Aguiar, m. project management
Pedro Castro Silva, m.arch.
Luís Alfredo Fonte, arch.
Joana Sottomayor Negrão, Interior Design
Luís Lima, m.arch.
António Ribeiro, m.arch.


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