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Hyphenation, Households, Disability, Architecture Narratives, Mobility


Chicago, United States

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"Tense is what our stories work with -- hyphenating story, space, and therefore, hyphenating time. Tense — here it's a tension of tension itself. The way you can worry about something but at the same time think, I’m home.  "
Disability x Maternity


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April 08th, 2021

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est. Chicago

Floor plan -- mother and infant

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What would it be like to design for help — not with a medical model but a social one? A manual for young mothers with acquired disabilities, Disability x Maternity direct guidelines for using space. Inserted in folders that patients receive upon discharge from rehab, the manual draws from architectural idioms/diagrams to sketch the placemaking advice Elizabeth O'Toole wished she’d received upon returning home.


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