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Blacksburg, USA

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201 Cowgill Hall
24061 Blacksburg, USA

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Change thisBlacksburg, USA
born Blacksburg
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The design/buildLAB is a third year architecture studio focused on the research, development and implementation of innovative construction methods and architectural designs.

Students collaborate with local communities and experts to develop concepts and propose solutions to real world problems.

The goal of this course is to teach students the skills necessary to confront the design and realization of architecture projects, with a consciousness for social and environmental issues. By removing the abstraction from the making of architecture, the course engages students’ initiative and encourages them to ask fundamental questions about the nature of practice and the role of the architect. By framing the opportunity for architecture students to make a difference in the life of a community, the hope is to show them the positive impact Architecture can make and inspire them to high professional ethics.


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