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Care, Urban Food System, Hybrid Architecture, Kitchen, Landscape


January 17th 2021, Zürich (CH), Dessau (DE)

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  • 2021 - Future Architecture 2021 Fellow

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"Cocinas Alterinas (Alter-kitchens) explores the endless possibilities of kitchens as spaces of care, resilience and resistance."
Cocinas Alterinas


Article last edited by Gabriela Aquije on
March 30th, 2021

Cocinas Alterinas Change this

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est. 2021, Zürich (CH), Dessau (DE)

Cocinas Alterinas

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Cocinas Alterinas (Alter-kitchens) is a collaborative, transdisciplinary project between Gabriela Aquije (Architect PE/DE) and Mayar El Bakry (Designer EG/CH). Covid-19 forced us to reconfigure our relationships to private spaces. As Designers, we sought refuge in our kitchens. Isolation and bodily distance, triggered us to open up the kitchen’s spatial boundaries through digital mediums to (re-)connect with each other. Cooking and eating together became a caring act of resistance. It allowed for intimate interaction in a very distanced reality. This renewed commensality connects our ‘modular kitchens’ beyond the framed mass production and calls out for a redesign. It urges us to reclaim, repurpose, and reimagine modularity with care. By looking at four specific elements – heat, water, food, and labour we want to collectively explore and design the modular kitchen otherwise.
This four-part activist communal embodied experiment series explores the themes of critical social infrastructure and different modes of living. In short, we propose digital, hybrid, and site-specific intervention in order to reclaim the modular kitchen anew.


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