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1937, Pontevedra, Spain

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born 1937, Pontevedra
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Cesar Portela Fernandez-Jardon (Pontevedra, 1937) is a Spanish architect. He studied at the Higher School of Architecture of Madrid and Barcelona, where he graduated in 1966 and received his doctorate two years later. Visiting Professor at numerous universities and institutions around the world, among which we would highlight the School of Architecture of Pamplona, Nancy, Caracas, Lisbon and Weimar, César Portela has also collaborated in the organization and design of various seminars and workshops on architecture , some as relevant as directed in collaboration with Aldo Rossi in Santiago de Compostela (1974), International Architecture Workshop of Naples, Belfort, Caracas, the IV Architecture Biennial Santander, and, more recently, the Seminar on Culture and nature: Architecture and Landscape, dependent of the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo in Saint Simon's Island, and the direction, with Óscar Tenreiro, the Seminar of Architecture at the University of Weimar.
Awarded the National Prize of Architecture in Spain in 1999 by the building of the Cordoba Bus Station, César Portela has received awards and honors from various national and international institutions. It has also developed an extensive teaching, currently occupying the Chair of Architectural Design at the E. T. S. La Coruña.



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