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Experimental, Utopian Architecture, Interior Design, Design


2013, Vienna, Austria

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Vienna, Austria

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Change thisVienna, Austria
est. 2013, Vienna
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Celia-Hannes is the reunion of Célia Picard and Hannes Schreckensberger. The French-Austrian duo works between the fields of art, design and architecture. Their research based practice is primarily develop from a critical observation of architecture and the symbolic of objects. They consider the territories of cities and rural areas as vast public domain databases and use them as resources for their projects. Their conceptual objects explore the idea of simplicity and reduction. Picard and Schreckensberger are also the founders of Revue DAS, an independent research and publishing platform with focus on the genesis of ideas in architecture and design.

Revue DAS - Retroprospectiviste

For its first issue Revue DAS turns itself into chic time machine. On board, visions of the past and the future will be discussed with grade one ambassadors. Conversations, rare artifacts, photo reports are related to weave a genealogy of thinking. The retroprospectiviste season reveals the genesis of the idea. Conversations with Angela Hareiter, Allan Wexler, James Hennessey and Justus Dahinden.


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