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May 2018, London, UK

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London, United Kingdom


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March 14th, 2019

Black Females in Architecture (BFA) Change this

Change thisLondon, United Kingdom
est. 2018, London

Black Females in Architecture (BFA)

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Black Females in Architecture (BFA) is a network for Black Women in the built environment to gain access and support structures to develop and enhance their potential in the varying disciplines. The aim is to improve the statistics of Black Women in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, planning, urbanism, engineering, sustainability etc. This is initiated through regular meet-ups, workshops, mentorship programmes and design projects.

It is founded by Selasi Setufe, Neba Sere, Alisha Fisher and Akua Danso. These four young black women, who met by chance at an architecture talk in London, were so buoyed by the otherwise vanishingly rare phenomenon of meeting fellow black women at industry events that they decided to establish the network.

BFA now has over 150 members sharing frustrations and advice on WhatsApp and at organised workshops. They have a commission in Bermondsey and have quickly established a brightly burning presence in the profession. For those who care about diversity in architecture, the founding of BFA is the biggest leap forwards of 2018.



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