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2006, Lisbon, Portugal

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Barbas Lopes Arquitectos
Travessa do Cabo 10-12
1250-058 Lisbon, Portugal

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"Our work is firstly rooted in the context of our country: small, yet boundless. The ability to do more with less is its greatest asset, especially when resources are scarce. "
Barbas Lopes Arquitectos

Barbas Lopes Arquitectos Change this

Change thisLisbon, Portugal
est. 2006, Lisbon
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Barbas Lopes Arquitectos was established by Patrícia Barbas and Diogo Lopes in 2006. The portfolio of the office includes public and private buildings, single-family housing, interior renovation and exhibition designs. The practice is also engaged in collaborations other with architects such as Peter Märkli and Gonçalo Byrne. Barbas Lopes Arquitectos recently concluded the Reconversion of the Thalia Theater in Lisbon. Nominated for the Icon Awards 2012, Designs of the Year 2013 and Mies van der Rohe Award 2013. Their work has been published by international media such as Bauwelt, Baumeister, Blueprint, Casabella, Domus, Icon, Wallpaper*.

Patrícia Barbas (Luanda, 1971) holds a diploma in Architecture from FAUTL, Lisbon. She collaborated with Aires Mateus, Gonçalo Byrne, and João Pedro Falcão de Campos. During 2005 -2006 was a project coordinator for Promontório Architects in Salvador da Bahia. Diogo Seixas Lopes (Lisbon, 1972 - 2016) finished architecture at FAUTL, Lisbon and doctorate at ETH Zürich. He was a Guest Professor at DARQ.FCTUC, Coimbra. CCA Collection Research Grant Recipient, Montreal, in 2011. Deputy Director of Jornal Arquitectos.

Facing the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal has an architectural tradition of great richness. To use an expression of the latter, architecture remains for this office a poetic profession. In order to make concrete this cultural commitment, ideas have to be pragmatic. Projects and buildings must express this need, to improve reality. Their economy of means also relates to another local concept, of plain architecture. The ability to do more with less is its greatest asset, especially when resources are scarce.


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