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Olympic Games

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February 12th 1902, Anghiari, Italy

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Rome, Italy

Annibale Vitellozzi Change this

Change thisRome, Italy
born 1902, Anghiari
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Annibele Vitellozzi was an Italian architect. He graduated in architecture in Rome in 1927. His best known works are for the Games of the XVII Olympiad that took place in Rome in 1960 - the Swimming Stadium in collaboration with Enrico Del Debbio and engineers Sergio Musmeci and Riccardo Morandi and the Sports Palace with the engineer Pier Luigi Nervi. Other important works are: the front of Termini Station in Rome, the National School of Athletics in Formia ( 1953 - 55 ), the Palazzo dello Sport Torino, the National Central Library of Rome.


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