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August 27th 1894, Bruyères, France

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Paris, France

Andre Lurcat Change this

Change thisParis, France
born 1894, Bruyères
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André Lurçat was a French architect and urban planner. Its architectural language, marked by social interests and a functionalist language, reached its highest expression in the Guggenbuhl House (Paris, 1926). He studied at the School of Fine Arts in Nancy and later worked in the office of Robert Mallet-Stevens. He was interested in the principles of social housing with the housing crisis in France.

In 1928 he was a founding member of the International Congress of Modern Architecture. Between 1934 -37 he went to Moscow to work for the Soviet government. He is known for promoting modernity in landscape architecture. He adopted a position contrary to the proponents of Existenzminimum proposing that all social housing must include gardens.

It is also known for his plan for post-war reconstruction of the French city of Maubeuge (1945). He taught at the National School of Decorative Arts and the Superior National Escuelo of Fine Arts in Paris (1945 - 47) and was a member of the board of directors of the architecture of the Ministry of Reconstruction and Urban Development.



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