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1874, St.Petersburg, Russia

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Moscow, Russia

Alexey Kuznetsov Change this

Change thisMoscow, Russia
born 1874, St.Petersburg
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Alexey Kuznetsov was born in 1874 in St. Petersburg. He studied at the Institute of Architecture in St. Petersburg from 1891 and graduated 1896.

Alexey Kuznetsov was an author of important public buildings. In 1908 he constructed the factory Bogorodsk in Moscow, in 1914 the Stroganov School and the modernist campus of the Moscow Power Engineering Institut were he worked together with Ivan Sergeevich Nikolaev from 1924-28. He also designed the "Krasnaia Talka" Factory, Ivanovo in 1927-28 and the Textile Factory in Fergana, Usbekistan.

In 1940 his influential text "Architectural Structures" was published. Alexey Kuznetsov died 1954 in Moscow.


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