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Stalinist Architecture, Constructivism

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1884, Saratov, Russia

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St. Petersburg, Russia

Alexander S. Nikolsky Change this

Change thisSt. Petersburg, Russia
born 1884, Saratov
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A. S. Nikolsky (1884, Saratov – 1953, St. Petersburg) was a Socviet architect. studied at the Institute of Architecture in St. Petersburg where he graduated 1913. He later was a member of the OSA Group (Organization of Contemporary Architects), an architectural association in the Soviet Union, which was active from 1925 to 1930 and is considered the hotbed of constructivist architecture.

His major projects include the Traktornaia Street Residential Development (together with Grigorii Simonov and A. I. Gegello) in 1927, the School at Tratornaja Street, St. Petersburg in 1927 and the School on Lesnoe Prospekt, St. Petersburg in 1932. He also took part in the competition for the Palace of the Soviets (1932).


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