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Italian Rationalism

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1901, Trieste, Italy

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Trieste, Italy

Aldo Cervi Change this

Change thisTrieste, Italy
born 1901, Trieste
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Aldo Cervi graduated from the Higher Industrial School of Trieste in 1920 and completed his architectural studies at the Academy and Institute of Fine Arts of Venice in 1926. In 1927 he began his professional activities in Trieste. From the early thirties he regularly engaged in the participation to contests, among which in collaboration with Umberto Nordio for the Fascist House in Rome (1934), the Palace of Italian civilization and the Water Palace and light Rome (1937). His interest in modern architecture led him to follow the developments of the international rationalism. His highlighted works are the store Galtrucco in Piazza Goldoni (1952) with Umberto Nordio and Guglielmo Ulrich, the Café of Mirrors (1972) the halls of Government House (1962) and the Regional Council (1969-71) with Nordio.



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