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Contemporary, Interior Design


2005, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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AKSL Arhitekti d.o.o.
Gornji trg 40
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

AKSL Arhitekti Change this

Change thisLjubljana, Slovenia
est. 2005, Ljubljana
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About Change this

The AKSL Arhitekti was established in 2005 by Špela Leskovic and Aleš Košak, who have been working together as AKSL team since 2000. The studio is involved in architecture, interior, and stage design, as well as experimental work. Together with their co-workers they have produced more than 50 projects which have been shown at various exhibitions (Oris ideja in Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade, and Vienna in 2005; Arhitektura – Inventura in Ljubljana in 2005, 2006 and 2007).

The studio's major projects include the Mali hair stylist shop in Ljubljana (2001); the Cubo Restaurant in Ljubljana (2003), the Sailing Point nautical shop in Portorož (2004); the Rožmarin Restaurant, Wine Bar and Cafeteria in Maribor (2006); the Design Boutique Hotel "Sončna hiša" in Banovci (2007), Restaurant Valvas'or in Ljubljana (2008), and the Modrijan Bookshop in Ljubljana (2009). Interior design projects of residential buildings include many renovations of single family houses, apartments, and lofts.



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