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Social Architecture, Low Energy, Natural Materials, Local Cultural Production


January 5th 2012, Mae Sot, Thailand

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a.gor.a architects
476 Soi Sahakorn 2
63110 Mae Sot, Thailand

a.gor.a architects Change this

Change thisMae Sot, Thailand
est. 2012, Mae Sot

preparing adobe bricks for a local migrant school

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a.gor.a architects aims to learn from traditional thai architecture so that it could represent an attractive alternative to more common (un)architectural solutions. Given the steady pace of development and the increasingly spread use of cheap techniques -i.e. concrete not correctly deployed-, what a.gor.a pursues is a vernacular hybrid: the architects take advantage of consolidated patterns and validated construction techniques and enriches them with themes from their European background or with innovations tested on site. Such a blend tends to be more climate-responsive, ecological and economically preferable than the architecture that nowadays' fuels urban development in Thailand: agor.a's mission is therefore to widen the range of possible solutions and to communicate this potential to the community they work with/in. This approach implies the use of strictly local material and the training of selected workers that are actively involved in the design process.


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